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Government Investigations

As a California cannabis business owner, you know that staying compliant with both the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) and the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulations (LADCR) is crucial for your company’s success. However, investigations and enforcement actions can occur, leaving you in need of a skilled cannabis attorney to help you navigate these complex situations. Our California cannabis law firm specializes in providing expert regulatory defense services to cannabis retailers, distributors, manufacturers, cultivators, and delivery services facing government investigations.

Our experienced cannabis attorneys are well-versed in the rules and regulations enforced by the DCC and LADCR. We have successfully defended numerous clients against investigations and enforcement actions, utilizing our in-depth knowledge of the cannabis industry’s legal landscape to secure the best possible outcomes. Our team is dedicated to helping you safeguard your business by providing the following regulatory defense services:

Government Investigations

In the event of a government investigation by the DCC or LADCR, our cannabis law firm will work diligently to protect your rights and interests. Our cannabis attorneys will review the allegations against you, gather relevant evidence, and develop a strategic defense plan tailored to your specific situation.

Enforcement Actions

If you are faced with an enforcement action, our cannabis attorneys will act swiftly to defend your business. We will closely scrutinize the allegations, ensure the regulatory agency has followed proper procedures, and aggressively challenge any unsubstantiated claims. Our goal is to minimize any potential penalties and help you maintain your cannabis license.

Compliance Audits

Proactively addressing compliance issues is essential for avoiding government investigations and enforcement actions. Our cannabis law firm offers comprehensive compliance audit services to identify potential vulnerabilities in your business operations. We will help you develop and implement corrective measures to ensure your business remains compliant with all DCC and LADCR regulations.

License Appeals

If your cannabis license application is denied, or your license is revoked or suspended, our skilled cannabis attorneys can guide you through the appeals process. We will thoroughly review your case, identify any errors or inconsistencies in the decision-making process, and present a compelling argument for the reinstatement of your license.

Administrative Hearings and Litigation

Should your case escalate to an administrative hearing or litigation, our experienced cannabis attorneys will be prepared to advocate on your behalf. We have a proven track record of success in representing clients in these high-stakes proceedings, utilizing our extensive knowledge of cannabis regulations to effectively argue your case.

Negotiating Settlements

In some instances, negotiating a settlement with the regulatory agency may be the most favorable outcome for your business. Our cannabis law firm is adept at negotiating favorable settlements that minimize the impact on your business and allow you to continue your operations with minimal disruption.


At our California cannabis law firm, we understand that government investigations and enforcement actions can be incredibly stressful and have a significant impact on your business. That’s why we are committed to providing personalized, results-driven legal representation to help you successfully navigate these challenging situations. Our search engine optimized website ensures that you can find our expert regulatory defense services easily when you need them the most.

In a highly regulated industry like cannabis, having an experienced and knowledgeable cannabis attorney by your side is essential. Choose our California cannabis law firm for expert regulatory defense services against DCC and LADCR investigations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help protect your cannabis business during government investigations and enforcement actions, ensuring your company thrives in California’s competitive cannabis market.