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Obtaining a Cannabis Delivery License in Los Angeles: A Step-by-Step Guide


As the cannabis industry continues to grow in Los Angeles, many entrepreneurs are interested in capitalizing on the rising demand for cannabis products by offering delivery services. Obtaining a cannabis delivery license in Los Angeles can be a complex process that requires navigating both local and state regulations. In this blog post, we will outline the steps needed to obtain a cannabis delivery license in Los Angeles, including state licensure requirements.

Step 1: Research Local Regulations

Before applying for a cannabis delivery license in Los Angeles, it’s essential to research local regulations and zoning requirements. The City of Los Angeles has specific rules and restrictions for cannabis businesses, including delivery services. These regulations can be found in the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC), which outlines the licensing process, operational requirements, and zoning restrictions.

Step 2: Obtain Local Approval

In order to apply for a state cannabis delivery license, you must first obtain local approval from the City of Los Angeles. The Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) is responsible for administering the licensing process for cannabis businesses within the city. To obtain local approval, follow these steps:

Review the DCR’s application requirements, which include background checks, proof of property ownership or lease agreement, security and operational plans, and community benefits agreements.

Submit the required documentation and application fees to the DCR.

If your application is approved, the DCR will issue a Temporary Approval, which allows you to operate while completing the remaining steps of the licensing process.

Step 3: Apply for a State License

With local approval in hand, you can now apply for a state cannabis delivery license through the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC). The DCC offers a Type 9 Non-Storefront Retailer License for cannabis delivery businesses. To apply, follow these steps:

  • Complete the DCC’s online application, which includes providing information about your business structure, owners, and financial interests.
  • Submit the required documentation, such as proof of local approval, proof of bond, and standard operating procedures.
  • Pay the application fees, which vary based on the projected annual revenue of your cannabis delivery business.

Step 4: Comply with State Regulations

After obtaining your state license, you must comply with all state regulations governing cannabis delivery businesses. These include:

Ensuring that all cannabis products are obtained from licensed suppliers and tracked using the state’s track-and-trace system, Metrc.

Implementing security measures, such as surveillance cameras, secure storage, and GPS tracking for delivery vehicles.

Conducting background checks on employees and providing state-mandated training.

Step 5: Renew Your Licenses Annually

Both your local and state licenses must be renewed annually. This involves submitting renewal applications, updated documentation, and fees to the DCR and DCC. Be sure to stay up-to-date on any regulatory changes that may affect your cannabis delivery business and adjust your operations accordingly.


Obtaining a cannabis delivery license in Los Angeles involves navigating a complex web of local and state regulations. By following the steps outlined above and staying informed about regulatory updates, you can successfully establish a compliant cannabis delivery business in the city. As the cannabis market continues to expand, delivery services have the potential to play a crucial role in meeting consumer demand and promoting access to safe, regulated cannabis products.